I have always been a people's person, people fascinate me, the way they behave and respond with one another, I guess that's why I make a good wedding photographer, I consider myself an observer. My wife complains when we go out for meals as I am always watching everyone else when I should be paying attention to her! I just can't help it though so it’s a good job she is understanding.  I'm very lucky though as I have an amazing wife, she gave me the best photography project any photographer could ever wish for, 2 beautiful children, Amaya and Albie.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with photographs. My mother has tucked away in an old wooden chest, our whole family history, neatly arranged into albums of all shapes, sizes and colours. There they reside, patiently waiting to once again be brought to life. And on those rainy days, the chest is opened and our family sit, reminiscing over those happy events and occasions, laughing at dodgy fashion and hair styles.


I believe this is where my passion for wedding photography resides. What started out as a keenness to record my family’s life, just as my mother did, has developed into an obsession, doing my utmost to capture that moment to the best of my ability. With time, others have recognized this in me and have asked if I would help them in capturing their special moments.


Taking photographs tells a story, i strive to tell truly great stories......